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What We Offer

Professional Main Services

We have extensive experience of domestic and business electrical installations and no job is too small. Our customers value our professionalism, work ethic and our competitive prices.

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HVAC installation


The Conditioned Air installation team are experts in high quality residential air conditioning and air quality control products.

Whether to replace an already exisiting system or new construction, Conditioned Aire guarantees efficient, quality, up-to-code, installation of your new air-conditioning and/or heating system

For 30 years, our goal has always been to satisfy our customers' indoor air quality and comfort needs, providing excellent service and using highly-efficient products.

Efficient, experienced and skilled installation crew will always be there to answer your questions or concerns throughout the installation process.

Best of all, we would help you find the cooling and heating system that best matches your needs and budget! You can be assured that the installations by Conditioned Aire are the best you can get.

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PICTURED ABOVE: Install Manager, Jojo Salmananca, supervising his morning crew.
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No one wants to work in an uncomfortably hot or cold working space. An uncomfortable environment will distract customers from having a pleasant experience at your place of business.

Heating or cooling issues can also drive up energy costs affecting your bottom line. Poorly maintained comfort systems or a failed system will result in an unworkable working environment, costing lost in revenues.

Whether your commercial property is a restaurant, medical, dental or business office or retail store, or HOA, Conditioned Aire has the expertise to help with your HVAC needs.

Conditioned Aire can assist with your business needs in the Santa Clarita or San Fernando Valley and surround Los Angeles areas.

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PICTURED ABOVE:  Conditioned Air technician Tristan Flores in the field.
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Online Store

Filters and Allergy Relief

The indoor air we breathe in our homes can be loaded with dust, pollen, spores and other pollutant particles. Many of them are too small to be seen with the human eye, but are annoying or even harmful to our health, the health of our family, friends, pets, and even to our indoor air quality equipment.

Filters and Air Cleaners installed in your heating/cooling system reduces pollen and spores by up to 95% with silent operation and minimal maintenance.

Not only does filtered air greatly improve the air quality that is vital to one's well-being, it also increases the lifespan of your heating and air-conditioning system as well as the lifespan of your home's furnishing like carpets, upholstery furniture, draperies, walls, etc.

High efficiency Air Cleaners are widely recommended by medical specialists to reduce breathing pollen, molds, spores or pet dander. A 95% reduction of those harmful particles means practically all of the allerygy-causing irritants are removed from the circulating air.

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PICTURED ABOVE:  Household dust, lint
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Area Of Service

Our Services

We offers a comprehensive range of HVAC services at residential and commercial properties at a reasonable price.

Service IconAir-condition Installation

Services are able to service your entire electrical infrastructure from Thermal Imaging of your air condition from switch boards.

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Service IconHeating installation

The art electrical installations that provide all the necessary electrical solutions to suit your business, home or industrial premises.

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Service IconProfessional Estimates

We provide impeccable safety assessments to both commercial, residential properties. Our adept & knowledgeable electricians.

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Service IconComfort Controls

Utilized for measuring flow, temperature level & pressure in the manufacturing industry array of technology is ensure productivity.

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Service IconIndoor Air Quality

Electrical Services are able to service your entire electrical infrastructure from Thermal Imaging of your switch boards.

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Service IconService & Maintenance

Traditionally, electricity is supplied through overhead network poles, where the cable is connected to your building.

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The service Method

Our Work Ethic

Helping Customers VS. Upselling

Providing Variety HVAC Services

Discount 10%

Service Calls
HVAC Services With High Work Ethic

At Conditioned Aire, we believe in being open and honest with our customers and give them all the options. As we have the expertise and experience, we can guide our customers to make informed decisions, but we feel it is not our job to ultimately decide for them.

There are many shady companies out there. We feel it is important for us as HVAC contractors to self-police our trade. Our technicians understand that professional conduct goes beyond being nice and courteous but to be transparent with our customers and provide them with ALL their options. After all, customers just want to make an informed decision without the pressure and upselling from contractors. We realized through our 38 lplus years servicing the community that a happy customer can easily become a repeat customer through this ethical treatment.

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Unecessarily Replacing parts

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Free services or massive discounts

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Upfront cash payment demands

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Calling on behalf of other companies

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maintenance Dishonesty

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pressured sales pitch

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"let me call my manager" Tactic

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secretive above rates

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unrealistic promises

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